What do you do when the familiar suddenly becomes confusing?

When Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Every part of life can usually be traced with a transition from the simple to the complex. Continue reading “When Nothing Makes Sense Anymore”

no pain no gain running shoes

No Pain, No Gain: What Hebrews 12 Has To Say On Discipline

I think everyone has their own personal definition of ‘discipline.’ Continue reading “No Pain, No Gain: What Hebrews 12 Has To Say On Discipline”

brain injuries & the Bible

You know how sometimes, you never really appreciate something until it’s either gone or you can’t go about that thing normally? It has become evident to me that God knows that’s the only way to get me to appreciate things. 

I currently have a brain injury. The less dramatic word would be a ‘concussion’. It’s my third one, and I think that I may need to start wearing a helmet constantly. Continue reading “brain injuries & the Bible”