You're not going to thrive all the time - that's okay.

It’s OK To Survive When You Can’t Thrive

A few years ago, I got the word ‘thrive’ inked inside my wrist. Maybe a dumb idea at the moment, but it has served as a reminder that God didn’t put me on this earth just to simply survive, but to thrive. Continue reading “It’s OK To Survive When You Can’t Thrive”

“Remember when…?”

Life spins fast. In a few decades, this moment of time could be frozen, the motivation for you to turn to a person you love and ask them, “Do you remember when…?” Continue reading ““Remember when…?””

The Joy of the Climb

A year ago, I was in Anchorage, Alaska with a group of amazing people, serving Jesus. When you’re surrounded by mountains as rugged as those in Alaska, what can you help but do during free time but go and hike some? The group I was with made it to the top of Flattop Mountain outside of Anchorage; 3,510 high mountain, about 1,280 vertical feet from where we started.  Continue reading “The Joy of the Climb”