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5 Things I Learned by Tracking What I Eat

I’m a little bit of a fitness junkie; I’ve worked for a gym since I was 16 years old, keeping a shift or two in my schedule even when working full time somewhere else. After I graduated high school, I turned my health around, becoming a workout devotee and changing eating, sleeping, and life habits. All the patterns of my life changed, and as a result, my body totally did as well. Continue reading “5 Things I Learned by Tracking What I Eat”

When We Don’t Understand

This afternoon, I made banana bread. Continue reading “When We Don’t Understand”

Create Your Monday on Sunday

Mondays. The day that the entire planet seems to dread. The beginning to the week that demands ridiculous amounts of coffee and is marked by exhaustion. Continue reading “Create Your Monday on Sunday”

Still, I Will Give Thanks

Have you ever had a week that started poorly, and then went downhill from there?

The Lord knows I’ve had many of them, and this week was no exception. Continue reading “Still, I Will Give Thanks”

America, The Beautiful

I love the fact that everybody seems to celebrate freedom on Independence Day. Yet, we’re left with a question to answer: what do we do on the 5th of July? On the 6th? Every other day of the year? Continue reading “America, The Beautiful”

Be the [Economic] Change You Want To See

There’s this very contradictory thing that many politically minded individuals do, especially those who are Millennials like me. Since socialism has become this trendy thing, and the actual impact is ignored, so many people are in desperate promotion of socialism, practically falling down to worship the ‘good’ it creates. Yet, the entire time they’re doing this, they are enjoying the benefits of capitalism. Continue reading “Be the [Economic] Change You Want To See”

The Magnetism of Stories

Have you ever been so engrossed in something that when you are, inevitably, snapped back into reality, it almost feels like you were physically, not just mentally, removed?

Continue reading “The Magnetism of Stories”

Blinded, Bitter, and In the Dark

“Time grows the seeds that are planted, watered, and fertilized. Plant beauty, grow beauty. Plant thorns, grow thorns. Time will allow for either.”

-Lysa TerKeurst Continue reading “Blinded, Bitter, and In the Dark”

Who are we to judge the value of a life?

One of the happiest people in my life is a little girl with Down’s syndrome. Continue reading “Who are we to judge the value of a life?”

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