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Christianity and the Locus of Control Paradox

When I was finishing up my sophomore year of college, I had a psychology professor that enjoyed saying things that he thought the Christians in the room would hate. One day, we began discussing the internal versus external locus of control. He looked around the class and firmly told us that healthy people relied on the internal locus of control, but Christians were helpless people who only have the external locus of control. Continue reading “Christianity and the Locus of Control Paradox”

You can’t define yourself

Story time: Continue reading “You can’t define yourself”

Radical Islamic Terrorism is a Spiritual Problem

Throughout the campaigning for and actual occurrence of the 2016 Elections, each side of the aisle was preaching a message about radical Islamic terrorism. The right reminded us all that it is a massive problem that must be dealt with, and the left tried to isolate the terrorists from the religion of Islam. Different messages that were both loudly preached. Continue reading “Radical Islamic Terrorism is a Spiritual Problem”

Seized by the Power of a Great Affection

Early in the history of America, the Quakers started describing salvation in a way that would be handed down through the centuries in hymns and literary works: Continue reading “Seized by the Power of a Great Affection”

The Thirty-One Days of Dresses

The entire month of December 2016, as a passionate advocate for freedom and human rights, I participated in Dressember. The Dressember Foundation works to raise awareness of the plight of the 27 million people that are currently in slavery, and helps raise money to fund modern day abolition organizations. Participants create a fundraising page, and then commit to wearing a dress and spreading the message of freedom every day for the month of December. Continue reading “The Thirty-One Days of Dresses”

Comings & Goings

New beginnings are something I’m fond of. The slipping of the old into the new, the comings and goings. I crave these things, whether they’re found in a new haircut, a reorganized space, or, as we breathlessly wait for tonight, the start of a completely new year. Continue reading “Comings & Goings”

Human Sacrifice and the Paradox of Jesus

A missionary recently visited our Church, giving account of some of his time in the field and talking about the culture he was living and working in. He depicted the religious system of the culture, explaining what all their pantheism entailed. In the midst of this description, he gave an account of the ancient human sacrifice system that existed. Continue reading “Human Sacrifice and the Paradox of Jesus”

The Worst of Sinners

“Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst.” Continue reading “The Worst of Sinners”

Whatever is lovely

The evil contained in this world is catastrophic. Everywhere we look, there are rumors and evidence of Satan’s presence; war, violence, lack of love, sin that flies directly in the face of a holy God. It doesn’t take much to remind us that, as John 14:30 says, Satan is the prince of this world. Continue reading “Whatever is lovely”

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