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apathy will kill America

The media, the politicians, and the bureaucrats may say differently, but the largest threat to America is apathy. Continue reading “apathy will kill America”

live like you’re loved

I think everyone in this world is searching for love. Love is an anchor, it’s security; we all crave it. Continue reading “live like you’re loved”

take courage, my heart

What does a courageous life look like? Continue reading “take courage, my heart”

“Is he hot?”

If ever I dare to mention a guy I think I may be interested in, or someone who I suspect is interested in me, usually, the first thing out of the vast majority’s mouth is:

“Is he hot?” Continue reading ““Is he hot?””

Lord, Show Me the Enemy

The other night, I REALLY felt like slashing some tires. Not just on one person’s car either-I had a list. Continue reading “Lord, Show Me the Enemy”

The Day After the Resurrection

“He is risen.” “He is risen indeed.” Continue reading “The Day After the Resurrection”

Spring is a Spiritual Thing

Stepping out of the door to my dorm this morning, I couldn’t help but smile. It was the calm after a raging thunderstorm last night, and the earth was just HAPPY. The air smelled fresh, the grass hadn’t looked this green in forever, and the breeze didn’t make me running back inside for a sweater. Continue reading “Spring is a Spiritual Thing”

brain injuries & the Bible

You know how sometimes, you never really appreciate something until it’s either gone or you can’t go about that thing normally? It has become evident to me that God knows that’s the only way to get me to appreciate things. 

I currently have a brain injury. The less dramatic word would be a ‘concussion’. It’s my third one, and I think that I may need to start wearing a helmet constantly. Continue reading “brain injuries & the Bible”

Be Fully Convinced

Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind…

Continue reading “Be Fully Convinced”

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